About Us

JWJ Restaurant Equipment outlet is your Restaurant Equipment and Ice Maker dealer in New Jersey. Auto Ice is proud to announce that we now supply Used Restaurant Equipment in NJ through JWJ Used Restaurant Equipment. Our NJ Used Restaurant Equipment is Bought and Sold in our corporate headquarters and also on display at our Restaurant Equipment Showroom in Middlesex, New Jersey.

JWJ Used Restaurant Equipment of Central New Jersey strongly endorses the benefits of buying used commercial restaurant equipment in certain situations, which is why we carry an extensive inventory of new and used refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, and display solutions for restaurants, delis, stores, and warehouses.Purchasing used commercial restaurant equipment from a reputable, knowledgeable resource such asJWJ Used Restaurant Equipment can enhance your business by providing cost-effective, energy-efficient, economical solutions to get and keep your business up and running.

JWJ Restaurant Equipment Outlet New JerseyBeyond the obvious benefit of saving money due to the rapid depreciation of new equipment purchases, used commercial restaurant equipment in good condition can perform as well as new equipment, thanks to proper servicing and maintenance. Its reasonable pricing also allows business owners to make multiple equipment purchases at one time, an added plus for new business owners starting from scratch.

Perhaps the most important factor when buying used commercial restaurant equipment is to turn to a reliable, reputable, and experienced commercial restaurant equipment dealer, such as JWJ Restaurant Equipment Outlet. This way, you will purchase exactly what you need, in good condition and at a fair price, with confidence and peace of mind.